Practice Areas

Nimble + Smart + Skilled

As commercial, intellectual property and business lawyers, we are committed to providing a range of quality legal services.

Our services take on a range of forms including:

  • talking through issues by phone or email;
  • providing preliminary assessments and identifying options;
  • engaging in legal analysis, brainstorming and problem-solving;
  • preparing and drafting transactional documents and agreements;
  • giving advice on structuring;
  • assisting in resolving disputes through negotiation, dispute resolution or litigation;
  • using external Counsel (including Barristers and Senior Counsel) to add value to legal problem solving;
  • briefing Counsel in the management and handling of commercial and civil litigation.


Given our size, technology and profile, we pride ourselves on being nimble, smart and skilled when delivering our services.

We are happy to discuss tailoring how we provide our professional legal services to your specific circumstances or situation.